Arvon Residential Writing Week: Bringing human stories to life

Start date: 31 July 2023 - End date: 5 August 2023
Location: Lumb Bank, West Yorkshire

Starting on the journey of writing non-fiction  –  whether based on your own experiences or those of another  – can be daunting, but thrilling. Experienced writers and tutors Lucinda Hawksley and Julie Summers will help you to navigate the joys and pitfalls of life-writing; to move beyond simply telling the story as it happened. You will learn how to bring characters to the fore, and how to breathe life into historical events. Through a series of writing exercises designed to stretch you, the tutors will help unlock your authorial voice and share ways to reveal personal stories without leaving you feeling exposed. This course is aimed at writers of all levels who want to explore new techniques for creating exciting narratives that bring human stories to life.

Lumb Bank Photo © The Arvon Foundation