Lucinda’s Diary

Summer 2024: guest lecturing on Explora I cruise ship

Start date: 1 July 2024 - End date: 31 August 2024
Location: Explora I cruise ship
Talks & Events
Mary Wortley Montague

In July and August, Lucinda will be guest lecturing on Explora I cruise ship. Her talk subjects will include the 18th-century travel writer Lady Mary Wortley Montague, Lord Byron’s travels in Europe, and Charles Dickens’s year in Italy. …

One-day workshop on ‘Wilkie Collins and his Circle’

Date: 22 July 2024
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm UK Time
Location: GXCA Summer School, GXCA The Memorial Centre, 8 East Common, Gerrards Cross. SL9 7AD
Talks & Events
Portrait painting of Wilkie Collins by Rudolph Lehmann

On 22 July Lucinda will be doing a one-day workshop on ‘Wilkie Collins and his Circle’ at the Gerrards Cross Summer School. …

Recent Events

A Tale of Two Cities: An Afternoon with Lucinda at the Charles Dickens Museum

Date: 13 July 2024
Time: 2:00pm UK time
Location: Online / Charles Dickens Museum
Talks & Events
A Tale of Two Cities book jacket

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

So began one of Dickens’s most famous novels, A Tale of Two Cities. It is a story which has stood the test of time, having been consistently ranked as one of the greatest novels of all time. From the contrasting landscapes of London and Paris to the profound questions of justice and sacrifice, it was a story in which Dickens poured his sharp wit, his political frustration, as well as his vivid descriptive power. …

Afternoon Tea with Anni Domingo at The Society of Authors – Hosted by Lucinda

Date: 11 July 2024
Time: 2:30-3:15pm UK Time
Location: The Society of Authors Virtual Event
Talks & Events
Afternoon Tea with Anni Domingo - The Society of Authors

Grab a cuppa and get to know actress, director and writer, Anni Domingo. Anni will be in conversation with author, Lucinda Hawksley, to discuss her work and career and offer a glimpse into her creative routine. …

The Goldster Magazine Show: Lucinda and Sir Anthony Seldon

Date: 9 July 2024
Time: 1:00pm UK Time
Location: Online
The Goldster Magazine Show
Beyond Happiness by Anthony Seldon book kacket

As Britain’s best-known headmaster, Sir Anthony Seldon famously introduced happiness, or well-being, lessons at his school, Wellington College. In 2011, he co-founded Action for Happiness, a body to raise awareness of the discovery of happiness and reduction of depression, whose influence is growing rapidly in Britain and across the world. He is the author of Beyond Happiness: How to find lasting meaning and joy in all that you have […]

The Goldster Magazine Show Book Club: Croitearan Crofters by Annem

Date: 25 June 2024
Time: 1:00pm UK Time
Location: Online
The Goldster Magazine Show
Croitearan Crofters by Annem book jacket

Croitearan Crofters is a novel about the impact the twentieth century has on a crofting family, the McLeans, who live on a Hebridean island. Kate is born at the beginning of the century into a family of four brothers. The Great War awaits which devastates the family. Afterwards only Kate and her father, Hugh, remain on the croft.
Goldster Book Club events are open to all, whether you’ve had the chance to read the book or not. These events are not recorded, everyone is unmuted and everyone gets the chance to meet other Goldster members. Come along and be a part of the Goldster community. …

The Goldster Magazine Show: Lucinda and Jane Corry

Date: 4 June 2024
Time: 1:00pm UK Time
Location: Online
The Goldster Magazine Show
Jane Corry author photo

Jane Corry is a writer and journalist who has spent time working as the writer in residence of a high security prison for men – an experience that helped inspire her Sunday Times bestselling novels. Before taking up the post, Jane had never been inside a prison and says that the experience “really opened up my eyes. Initially I was terrified about doing the job but as soon as I started, I was hooked. …

The Goldster Magazine Show Book Club: On Chapel Sands by Laura Cumming

Date: 28 May 2024
Time: 1:00pm UK Time
Location: Online
The Goldster Magazine Show
On Chapel Sands by Laura Cumming book jacket

On an Autumn day in 1929, a three-year-old girl went missing from a beach in Lincolnshire. For a few moments, her mother had perhaps looked away, and in that time the child was kidnapped. A few days later the little girl was found, but the mystery of who took her and why she was abducted was never resolved. That stolen child was the mother of author Laura Cumming. …

Goodenough College in London Conference Poster

Fellow panelists: Professor Louise Howard, Professor Lillian Nayder.
Lucinda’s talk came from her research for two of her books, her biography of Kate Perugini (née Katey Dickens) and March, Women, March: Voices from the Women’s Movement.

Special thanks to hosts Dr Ta-Wei Guu and Dr Cindy Sughrue (Director of the Charles Dickens Museum).

Talk at Chalfont St Giles Lit Fest: Charles Dickens; A Victorian Traveller

Date: 12 May 2024
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Stone Cottage, Chalfont St Giles
Talks & Events
Lucinda Hawksley

Speaker at a unique literary festival held in characterful venues in the picturesque Chiltern villages of Chalfont St. Giles and Jordans. …