The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

1: The Goldster Inside Story Podcast – Introduction Episode The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

On the Goldster Book Club podcast you hear captivating interviews with best-selling authors, intrepid explorers, former spies and international sports people.  We have different shows – Inside Story, Purpose, Passion and Grit, and Author to Author. By joining Goldster you can be part of the live conversation asking our guests directly any question you want — about their failures, successes and what drives them.  So far we have talked to best-selling authors, Ian Rankin, Ely Griffiths and Adele Parks; acclaimed historians, adventurers and travel writers Roger Morehouse, Justin Marozzi and Odd Harald Hague; eagle-eyed commentators, Parag Khanna, Tim Marshall and Geoff Payne; The list goes on.  You don’t have to have the read the book or know the subject. Goldster presenters will draw you into their world and make you feel at home; Biographer and descendant of Charles Dickens, Lucinda Hawksley;  Journalist, thriller writer and Lucinda’s distant cousin, Humphrey Hawksley;  Polar explorer Rosie Stancer; and international cricketer and rugby player, Alistair Hignell.  We would love to meet you. Goldster is barely two years old, and we’re booming. Come join in the Goldster Book Club conversation.

62: Julie Summers and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Julie Summers is a bestselling writer, researcher and historian. Her books include Fearless on Everest: The Quest for Sandy Irvine; a biography of her grandfather, the man who built the 'real' bridge over the River Kwai, The Colonel of Tamarkan, Stranger in the House and When the Children Came Home, a social history of servicemen returning to their families from the Second World War. On 3 February, Julie returns to Goldster to talk about Jambusters, the story of the Women’s Institute in WW2.  This was the W.I.’s finest hour. The whole of its previous history – two decades of educating, entertaining and supporting women and campaigning on women's issues – culminated in the enormous collective responsibility felt by the members to 'do their bit' for Britain. With all the vigour, energy and enthusiasm at their disposal, a third of a million country women set out to make their lives and the lives of those around them more bearable in what they described as 'a period of insanity'.  Jambusters also inspired the hit TV series Home Fires. Join Julie as she chats to Lucinda Hawksley about her writing and about what it was like to have her book turned into a TV series. To watch to the original recording of this episode please click here.

60: Dr Emma Byrne and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Dr Emma Byrne is an honest-to-goodness robot scientist who, when she’s not developing intelligent systems, writes popular science books and has contributed to the Financial Times, the Guardian, Elle, and Therapy Today. She frequently appears on Sky News and the BBC talking about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics – and about swearing. Emma’s interest in neuroscience led to her first book, Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, she argues that swearing is both big and clever. It’s likely to have been one of the first forms of language that we developed and, since then, it’s been helping us to deal with pain, work together, manage our emotions and improve our minds. Her most recent book is How to Build a Human, a smart, funny, humane look at what science knows about childhood. It will reassure and inspire parents, grandparents, and would-be-parents about the messy and beautiful process of parenting like a scientist. The Times called it “very welcome indeed … such a good book”.  Join Emma at this special PPG event on 12 September, both on zoom and live from Riverstone, as she chats to Lucinda Hawksley about neuroscience, about how we can all get to know our brains and about what we can do to help keep our brains healthy at all ages.

58: Jarod Chapman and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Jarod Chapman is a breath work and meditation teacher, a fitness coach, sports masseur, and co author of The power of Yoga For Men. He was Tina Turner’s Personal Wellness Coach on her final world tour in 2008-09. His passion passion for writing about all things health, wellness, and living a positive life began after working as the Media Ambassador for Slendertone. The Power of Yoga For Men came about because Bloomsbury publishing recognised that men were seeking to find alternative and holistic approaches towards their health – in body, mind and spirit.  Jarod works as a coach and masseur to CEOs, teachers, journalists, entrepeneurs, performance artists, students; ranging in ages between 10 and 87. He works on the principle that exercise, yoga, healthy relationships, meditation, and nutritious food planning are all important to treat with a sense of responsibility, lightheartedness, discipline and commitment. The Power of Yoga For Men is an appeal to men. We’ve been gifted the ancient yoga teachings for centuries – and they are now, ever more important, to explore and practice. Jarod’s philosophy is a multi-disciplined approach to life and wellbeing guided by Hippocrates, the grandfather of modern medicine, who said “ let medicine be thy food, and food thy medicine’.  To watch the original recording of this episode, please click here.

56: Dr Nicholas Cambridge and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Dr Nicholas Cambridge is an honorary research fellow in humanities and medical history at the University of Buckingham. Previously he worked as a GP for 25 years. He is a member of the Dickens Fellowship and has published several papers and given many lectures on Charles Dickens in relation to medicine. His new book, Bleak Health: The medical history of Charles Dickens and his family, is an in-depth study of the health issues affecting Charles Dickens, his parents, his wife Catherine, his sister-in-law Mary Hogarth, his siblings and his children.  For his book, Nicholas meticulously analysed over 14,000 of Dickens’s letters, and in doing so was able to identify over 20 illnesses that Dickens suffered from, including chronic carbon monoxide poisoning, gonorrhoea, asthma, gout, an anal fistula and trigeminal neuralgia. Join him with Dickens’s descendant  To watch the original recording of this episode please click here.

54: Sean Wensley and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Our lives are intrinsically linked to those of animals – whether that’s the animals we farm for food, those living in the wild, those we use for sport or the ones we choose to keep as pets. We all have a responsibility to consider our impact, and even small changes in our own lives could significantly improve the quality of theirs. Dr Sean Wensley is an award-winning vet, lifelong naturalist and a former President of the British Veterinary Association, advocating animal wellbeing around the world. Fusing keen scientific insight with tender meditations on the natural world, his new book, Through A Vet’s Eyes: How to care for animals and treat them better, reveals the injustices which animals experience every day and raises an important question: how can we choose a better life for animals? Compelling and compassionate, Through a Vet’s Eyes helps us to see things from the animals’ perspectives, and illuminates the ways we can better care for our fellow creatures. It was one of the Financial Times’ Best Summer Books of 2022. On 11 August, Sean will be talking to Lucinda Hawksley for the Goldster Inside Story. To watch he recording of this episode please click here.

52: Sophie Hannah and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

How can any writer today follow in the footsteps of Agatha Christie? Join Lucinda Hawksley, as she chats to Sophie Hannah, and find out just what it was like to resurrect the world-famous detective Hercule Poirot. Sophie Hannah’s psychological thriller The Carrier won the Specsavers National Book Award in 2013 and, since that time, her career has never looked back – except when she was commissioned to go back in time and conjure up new mysteries for Hercule Poirot to solve.    Although best known today as a crime writer, Sophie’s literary career actually began as a poet. She published her first collection The Hero and the Girl Next Door in 1995, at the age of 24. This was followed by five further books of poetry, including Marrying the Ugly Millionaire (2015). She has been shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize, and her poetry is studied at GCSE and A-level throughout the UK. Her first novel was Little Face (2006), the first of her bestselling Culver Valley Crime series of psychological thrillers featuring the characters Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer. Her characters have also made it to the TV screen, adapted as the two-part drama series Case Sensitive (2011-2013) on ITV.   In 2020, Sophie published her fourth Poirot novel The Killings at Kingfisher Hill, and she is joining us at Goldster to celebrate the release of her new Waterhouse and Zailer novel The Couple At The Table (2022). Join Sophie and Lucinda Hawksley for Inside Story. To watch the recording of the episode please click here.

50: Katharine Quarmby and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Katharine has written non-fiction, short stories and books for children. The Low Road is her first novel. Her non-fiction works include Scapegoat: Why We Are Failing Disabled People and No Place to Call Home: Inside The Real Lives Of Gypsies And Travellers. Katharine also works as an investigative journalist and editor, with particular interests in disability, the environment, race and ethnicity and the care system. The Low Road is set in rural England, London and Australia in the early nineteenth century. It is based on a true story Katharine found whilst visiting her parents in the Waveney Valley of a Norfolk woman, Mary Tyrell, who was staked through the heart after death in 1813. She had been questioned repeatedly about suspected infanticide. Katharine traced her surviving daughter to a Refuge in London, where she forged a friendship which deepened into love with another young woman. Both were then transported separately to Australia, and the novel is based on their story.  This novel is about uncovering lost histories: the stories of poor women from rural areas, the stories of the imprisoned, the stories of convicts sent to penal colonies, and the stories of people who often left no records as a result of illiteracy and hardship. It also contains an important strand of narrative that explores experiences left out of the history books – in this case, a same-sex romance. To watch the recording of this episode, please click here.

48: Mike Gayle and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Mike Gayle was born and raised in Birmingham. After graduating from Salford University with a degree in Sociology, he moved to London to pursue a career in journalism and worked as a features editor and agony uncle. He has written for a variety of publications including The Sunday Times, the Guardian and Cosmopolitan. He lives in Birmingham with his wife, kids and greyhound. Mike became a full-time novelist in 1997 following the publication of his Sunday Times top ten bestseller My Legendary Girlfriend, which was hailed by the Independent as 'full of belly laughs and painfully acute observations', and by The Times as 'a funny, frank account of a hopeless romantic'. Since then he has written eighteen novels, including The Man I Think I Know, selected as a World Book Night title, and Half A World Away, selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages. In 2021, Mike was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Romantic Novelists' Association.  Join Mike as he chats to Lucinda Hawksley about his latest book, A Song of Me and You, for the Goldster Inside Story. To watch the recording of this episode please click here.

46: James Clarke and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

James Clarke specialises in writing about cinema. He has worked with Iconic Images in London on a series of books about movie stars and their collaborations with particular photographers. The latest in this series of books is entitled Being Bardot and has just been published in the UK and the US. James also teaches screenwriting and works for the BFI as a Script Reader. James’s other books include: The Virgin Books Film Guide: War Films and Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill. James studied Film and Literature at the University of Warwick.  Brigitte Bardot stepped out of French films onto the global stage and remains recognised the world over for her work as an actress, a singer, and an animal rights activist. The photographers Douglas Kirkland and Terry O’Neill both worked with Brigitte Bardot at the peak of her fame in the 1960s and early 1970s, photographing the star on set and behind the scenes. Being Bardot looks at the life and work one of the most-loved faces in 20th-century cinema. Join James Clarke as he talks to Lucinda Hawksley about those images and what it is like to write about an icon of cinema history. To watch the recording of this episode please click here.

44: Mandy Preece and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Mandy Preece is an award-winning communications trainer, author and a soul midwife – also known as a ‘holistic end-of-life practitioner’. Mandy gives motivational talks on the art of 'being alongside' other people, in life and at the end of life. Heartfelt, honest, funny and poignant, Mandy inspires us to find new ways to support each other. Her book Being Rock (which redefines listening) was published in 2020. After losing her parents and a close friend, Mandy switched careers from being a legal editor to sitting with people at the end of their life to ensure that someone is there at all times. She trained as soul midwife in 2011 and initiated a volunteer bedside companion scheme at an NHS palliative care unit in Dorset in 2013. Since then she has supported other hospices and hospitals to set up similar schemes so people do not die alone. Her experiential communications training received the Princess Royal Training Award in 2017 and in 2019 Mandy was named the NHS Unsung Hero Volunteer of the Year. Mandy’s joy of receiving the Award was matched by being asked to be part of an NHS/Helpforce Steering Group on volunteering within the NHS,  To watch the original recording of this episode please click here.

42: Felice Hardy and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

The Tennis Champion Who Escaped The Nazis is a family memoir. Felice Hardy’s grandparents fled to London with their daughter, escaping from Nazi-occupied Vienna. This book explores their new lives in England, as well as the terrible fate of those loved ones they were forced to leave behind in the Holocaust. Felice’s grandmother, Liesl Herbst, was the 1930 Tennis Champion of Austria and later beat Tim Henman’s grandmother at Wimbledon. She and her daughter also played doubles at Wimbledon – the only mother and daughter ever to do so. Woven throughout this book is the search for the author’s own identity. She was raised in an emotionally-ravaged family who suffered from survivor’s guilt and buried their pre-war existence beneath a blanket of denial. Felice is a journalist who has covered diverse subjects ranging from travel and food to sports and fashion. Her first job was at Vogue magazine and this was followed by a period as deputy editor of a ski magazine. She has also co-written more than 20 travel guidebooks.    Join Felice Hardy and Lucinda Hawksley on 29 June, 12pm. Felice will be talking about her writing career, her ancestors and why, as the descendant of two Wimbledon players, she never ceases to wonder why she can barely hit a ball over the net! To watch to the recording of this podcast please click here.

40: Shrabani Basu and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Victoria & Abdul is the story of the controversial relationship between Queen Victoria and a young Indian servant called Abdul Karim who arrived in court as a special present for her Golden Jubilee. Soon he became the Queen’s favourite, was promoted to being her Munshi or teacher, taught the Queen Urdu and introduced her to curries. Based on previously unseen journals and letters, Shrabani Basu uncovered this hidden story that rocked the establishment. Her book has since been made into an Oscar-nominated film starring Dame Judi Dench.  Shrabani Basu is a journalist and Sunday Times best-selling author. Her books include the critically acclaimed The Mystery of the Parsee Lawyer about Arthur Conan Doyle and the George Edalji case, For King and Another Country about Indian Soldiers on the Western Front in the First World War, Victoria & Abdul and Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan. Shrabani is a frequent commentator on radio and television on Indian History and Empire. To watch the recording of this episode please click here.

38: Gerald Dickens and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Gerald Dickens is a great great grandson of the author, Charles Dickens. He has been working as an actor, director and producer for many years.  In 1993 he created his first one-man show, a theatrical performance of A Christmas Carolinspired by Charles’ own energetic readings of the 1860s. A fascination in the life and works of his subject led him to write and direct further one-man shows including Mr Dickens is Coming!, Nicholas Nickleby, Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities, as well as some of the short stories, including the supernatural tale ‘The Signalman’. It was while researching the background to the latter performance that Gerald became fascinated in the circumstances behind the great Staplehurst rail disaster which took place on the 9th June 1865. In the resulting book, Dickens and Staplehurst. A Biography of a Rail Crash, Gerald investigates the circumstances that led to the accident, both from Charles’ point of view, as well as a technical one. From a study of Charles Dickens’ life to the conclusions of the various official reports, Gerald’s book is a comprehensive study of the tragedy at Staplehurst.  Join them for a truly Dickensian Goldster event. Twitch the recording of this episode please click here.

36: Louise Minchin and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Louise Minchin went from presenting BBC Breakfast to competing for the GB Team in Triathlon in the World and European Championship. In her new book Fearless she set out to push herself even further. Over 17 chapters, Louise embarked on terrifying, exhilarating adventures across the UK and the world to be able to tell extraordinary women's stories – and to test herself. She free dived under the ice in the dark in Finland with the first female to swim a mile in the Antarctic Circle; she cycled across Argentina with one of the world’s most famous female endurance runners; she swam in the shark-infested waters of Alcatraz with two teenage sisters; she explored the dark and wild caves deep under the earth in Somerset, and much more, in the name of exploring what drives these incredible women, their motivation, resilience and determination.  Her book is not only a celebration of the bravery of these particular women, Louise is determined to bust the myth that only certain people can do incredible things and have their own adventures. In Fearless you will find women spanning all backgrounds, religions, ages, body shapes and sizes; women with disabilities, older women, younger women – all doing remarkable things that Louise wants the world to know about. Fearless is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, with fascinating and thrilling moments including some when Louise feared for her life. The book will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to get out there yourself – inspired to be fearless, in fact! To Watch the recording of this podcast please click here.

34: Sareeta Domingo and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Sareeta Domingo is the author of The Three of Us (previously published as The Nearness of You), and the editor and contributing writer of the romantic fiction anthology Who's Loving You. Her novel If I Don't Have You was shortlisted for the Diverse Book Awards 2021. She has also written books for Young Adults, published under the name S.A. Domingo; these include Love on the Main Stage, which was shortlisted for the Lancashire Book of the Year 2021. Sareeta is also the Fiction Editorial Director at Trapeze Books. Sareeta was born in London but spent her formative years in Bahrain, when her family moved there with her father’s job. After getting a job as a book editor, she continued to work on her own writing on evenings and at the weekends. Having been commissioned to write erotic short stories published in compilations for Agent Provocateur, and then an erotic novella for Pavilion Books, she turned her hand to pursuing a story that had been on her mind “for as long as I can remember”. This became her first full-length novel, now published as The Three of Us. Sareeta also writes a blog about books, entitled The Palate Cleanser. To watch the recording of this episode please click here. 

32: Eva Rice and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

It’s 1990. The Happy Mondays are in the charts, a fifteen-year-old called Kate Moss is on the cover of The Face magazine, and Julia Roberts wears thigh-boots for the poster of a new movie called Pretty Woman. February Kingdom is nineteen years old when she is knocked sideways by family tragedy. Then one evening in May, she finds an escaped canary in her kitchen and it sparks a glimmer of hope in her. With the help of the bird called Yellow, Feb starts to feel her way out of her own private darkness, just as her aunt embarks on a passionate and all-consuming affair with a married American drama teacher. From the author of the modern classic. Eva Rice’s new book, This Could be Everything is a coming-of-age story with its roots under the pavements of a pre-Richard-Curtis-era Notting Hill that has all but vanished. Eva Rice has written 5 novels and is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets – a post-war coming-of-age story that was runner-up in the 2006 Richard and Judy Book of the Year. It is currently being developed by Fudge Park (creators of The Inbetweeners) and Moonage Pictures (Pursuit of Love) as a major new TV series. Eva has also toured with bands since her early twenties and has written the music and lyrics for Harriet a musical based on an early Jilly Cooper novel due to open in 2023. She has a geek-like fascination with pop music, and her party trick is recalling chart positions. To watch the recording of this episode then please click here.

30: Jessica Fellowes and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Jessica Fellowes is the author of the crime series, The Mitford Murders, which has been published in eighteen territories worldwide and nominated for awards in England, Germany, Italy and France. Her first standalone novel, The Best Friend, was published this year in the UK and US.  Jessica started her career in journalism, working as the deputy editor of Country Life magazine and as a columnist on the Mail on Sunday. Her first books were the five official companion books to the TV series Downton Abbey, several of which have appeared in the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller lists. Jessica has also written short stories for Vogue Italia and contributed to a number of shows on radio and television, from Woman’s Hour to Lorraine Kelly’s show, as well as having given lectures across the US and UK.  To watch the original recording of this podcast, please click here.

28: Paul Chronnell and Sarah-Louise Young and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

In 1985, 24 young people from around the world had their RSVP pen pal requests (and their full postal addresses!) published in the bestselling music magazine of the day, Smash Hits. 35 years later, a couple from South London decided to reply – to all of them. Paul Chronnell and Sarah-Louise Young then wrote a unique, funny and touching book (think Danny Wallace & Dave Gorman meet Nora Ephron and Richard Curtis) about their quest to first find, and then reunite 24 pen pal seekers with their teenage selves. The result was The RSVPeople. Paul is a feature-film screenwriter, playwright, author. He has written TV comedy and humorous articles for magazines. Sarah is an award-winning actor, singer, writer and cabaret performer, currently touring the country with her one woman show An Evening Without Kate Bush. Join Lucinda Hawksley for the Goldster Inside Story, as she chats to Paul and Sarah about their quest. It wasn’t easy – who still lives at their childhood address? (In this case: no one.) But armed with nothing more than the obsessive attention to detail of Hercule Poirot, the powers of the Internet and more coffee than is strictly good for a middle aged couple, they followed the clues and contacted strangers, in a self-deprecating bid to answer those 1980’s cries for connection. It’s a story of fun, of surprise, of tenacity, but also one of love – a heart-warming tale about people and the power of actually reaching out and saying hello. Sarah’s photo credit: Jamie Zubairi  Book jacket credit: Angus Stewart. Twitter:  @TheRsvpeople @SLYtheatremaker @PaulieChronn

26: Joe Treasure and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

The Male Gaze, Joe Treasure’s first novel, was inspired by his experiences in Los Angeles during the early years of George W Bush's "war on terror". In his second novel, Besotted he drew on his memories of growing up in a large, eccentric family and his close bond with a troubled but brilliant brother. This is a theme on which Joe is now working more directly, as he is currently writing a memoir.  Joe’s most recent novel, The Book of Air, envisaged a deadly airborne virus that destroyed society and gave rise to a community of survivors, whose rules and rituals were based on a close reading of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre.  During the 2020 lockdown, Joe wrote a series of poems about famous paintings. He turned this into a performance in which the readings are richly illustrated by slides – art from six centuries brought dramatically to life through the imagined voices of the artists and the figures in their paintings. Designed initially for Zoom audiences, Out of the Frame: poems on paintings has now been delivered live in the mountains of Colorado and in Monmouth’s medieval Priory. With an actor reading the female-voiced poems (about half of them), Joe will also be presenting Out of the Frame on the 21st of June as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe. To watch the recording of this podcast please click here

24: Anni Domingo and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Breaking the Maafa Chain takes the reader back to the nineteenth century. Two sisters, Fatmata and Salimatu, are captured and sold separately into slavery. Forced to change their names to Faith and Sarah, they end up in two different countries with opposite slavery laws. Faith ends up in America, where slavery is still legal and slaves don't have any rights; Sarah ends up in a Victorian England and as the goddaughter of Queen Victoria. Can the two sisters reclaim their freedom and identity in a world that is trying to break them down and mould them to its coloniser's will? Based on the true story of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, Breaking the Maafa Chain will take you on a journey of loss, survival, hope, identity and tradition. Join the author of this acclaimed debut novel on 24 March, when Anni Domingo will be chatting to Lucinda Hawksley about her writing, her career in the theatre, and the story behind this fascinating book. To watch the recording of this episode please click here  

22: Natalie Jenner and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Natalie Jenner is the internationally bestselling author of The Jane Austen Society and Bloomsbury Girls, which were both instant national bestsellers, Amazon Best Books of the Month, and People Magazine Books of the Week.  The Jane Austen Society has now been published in more than twenty languages and has been optioned for film and television. Natalie's third novel, Every Time We Say Goodbye, is scheduled for release in early 2024. Natalie was born in England and raised in Canada. She has been a corporate lawyer and career coach, and once owned an independent bookstore in Oakville, Ontario, where she lives with her family and two rescue dogs. To watch the recording of this episode please click here  

20: Philip Clark and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Philip Clark is an author and music journalist who spent twenty years writing about classical music, modern composition, jazz, free improvisation and rock music for many leading publications, including The Wire, Gramophone, The Guardian and London Review of Books. He trained as a composer (and in that capacity worked with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the percussionist Orphy Robinson), but has more recently preferred to produce his own sounds playing piano as part of a weekly free improvisation workshop. His biography of Dave Brubeck – A Life In Time – was published in 2020, and he worked with legendary guitarist of The Kinks, Dave Davies, on his autobiography, Living On A Thin Line, published in 2022. Philip is currently writing Sound and The City – due for publication in 2024 – a history of the sound of New York City. He was co-winner of the 2021 Eccles Centre and Hay Festival Writers Award, which gave him a year-long writer’s residency at the British Library. To watch the original recording the click here  

18: Rosie Stancer and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Last October we interviewed our own PPG Presenter, the world-renowned explorer Rosie Stancer, as she introduced her plans to cross the Sinai desert to gather scientific evidence on the depredation of climate change on the lives  of the Bedu nomads of the Sinai Peninsula  and her intention to report to the COP 26 Conference at the end of their 160 mile journey. (see map below of their proposed camel trek). Unfortunate security concerns in Egypt prevented the expedition from going at their chosen time – but the good news is that the wait is over, the trip is on again, and Rosie and her formidable team will be setting off on 15th Feb for their adventure. Besides Rosie Stancer , herself  a veteran of record breaking journeys to both the North and South Poles, , her latest expedition a crossing of the dried up Aral Sea, brings experience and leadership, the team also consists of  her deputy, Pom Oliver, a veteran herself of many Arctic and Antarctic journeys, and another member of the Aral Sea expedition importantly gathering physiological data on human destruction of water systems.. Arabella Dorman, a war artist. will be recording another conflict now facing humanity  – the dangers and effects of climate change.  In her paintings she will record not only landscape but also the effects on the lives of those nomads coming to terms with a changing environment, and, last but very much not least,  the redoubtable Lee Watts whose title on the expedition, Communications and Medic, belies the serious all round responsibility for the safety of his companions and the effectualness of the expedition. A former paratrooper, he is a veteran of war, a trainer and instructor and a bible of first aid. On retirement from the armed forces he established his own Gym, where he has been exercising his fellow travellers. Goldster will be monitoring the expedition throughout, keeping daily track of the journey and – put it in your diaries – on 28th February Humphrey Hawksley will interview the team at the isolated St Catherine’s Monastery in the middle of the desert., a third of the way through their desert crossing. On Tuesday 14th February, a day before Rosie leaves for Egypt, Lucinda will interview her on PPG.  As the adventure begins she will ask how Rosie is feeling, how has she overcome the disappointment and delays, what is she is looking forward to now, and what does she fear …

16: Katherine May and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Katherine May is an internationally bestselling author and podcaster living in Whitstable, UK. Her hybrid memoir Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times became a New York Times, Sunday Times and Der Spiegel bestseller. It was also was adapted for BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week, and was shortlisted for the Porchlight and Barnes and Noble Book of the Year.    The Electricity of Every Living Thing, her memoir of a midlife autism diagnosis, is currently being adapted as an audio drama by Audible. Her other titles include novels such as The Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club, and The Best, Most Awful Job, an anthology of essays about motherhood which she edited. Her journalism and essays have appeared in a range of publications including The New York Times, The Observer and Aeon.   Katherine lives with her husband, son, two cats and a dog. She loves walking, sea-swimming and pickling slightly unappealing things. On 8 December, Katherine will be chatting to Lucinda Hawksley about her writing career and the importance of ‘wintering’. To watch the original recording, then please click here 

14: Laura Payne and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Laura Payne began her career as a journalist and has a background in international media and marketing. She has advised and mentored some of the world’s leading businesses and organisations – and then, in her 50s, she decided to change her life and career. She made the decision to go back into academia and train as a psychotherapist.  Her book Nine Steps to a Mindful Life (Without Meditating) grew out of her new way of life. The book contains simple exercises with which Laura believes you can turn your life around. It is for anyone looking for a fresh approach, and for all those seeking a sense of calm and empowerment. Whether you are tired, anxious, stressed or just looking to explore a new ‘you’, Nine Steps to a Mindful Life (Without Meditating) will give you insights into how to achieve personal transformation. Join Lucinda Hawksley on 2 February, as she talks to Laura about mindfulness, dream therapy and how Goldster members can enrich their life with her strategies. To watch the recording of this episode, please click here  

12: Midge Gillies and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

There’s nowhere quite like Piccadilly Circus. From the moment they emerge, blinking from the underground station, visitors to Piccadilly Circus face a sensory onslaught. Its streets and alleyways merge into an intoxicating thoroughfare, with the power to propel an individual onwards to adventure, romance, or something more sinister. Ever since its iconic Eros statue appeared in 1893, the junction has been a vibrant meeting place, attracting visitors and pleasure-seekers from all walks of life: political plans and theatrical careers were hatched at its restaurant and café tables, lovers met below the statue of Eros, and to this day tourists pour out of its historic Tube to experience the bright lights of London’s nightlife. Piccadilly explores how the area has been shaped by social and historical events – from female suffrage to world wars to technological advancements – and by its colourful cast of characters – from flower girls, shop assistants and sex workers, to film stars, Bright Young Things and conmen (and women).  For many, the Circus has represented both a home from home and a brave new world, as campaigners, revellers, opportunists and romantics have all been drawn to Piccadilly’s bright lights. Join Lucinda Hawksley on 12 January, as she chats to fellow author Midge Gillies about why the story of why Piccadilly Circus continues to mean so much to so many. To watch the original video recording, please click here

10: Henrietta Heald and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Henrietta Heald is the author of Magician of the North, a biography of William Armstrong, the dazzling Victorian inventor, engineer and industrialist who created Cragside in Northumberland, the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. The book was shortlisted for two literary prizes and, since first publication in 2010, has generated huge interest in Armstrong, with Henrietta making many appearances on TV and radio and in various publications to elucidate his life and work. Earlier this year, she appeared in ‘Diggers’, an episode of BBC2’s Inside the Factory, when she was interviewed about Armstrong’s invention of the hydraulic crane. Henrietta’s most recent book is Magnificent Women and Their Revolutionary Machines, about the extraordinary and inspiring individuals who set up the Women’s Engineering Society a century ago. She argues that the achievements of the women engineers amounts to a vibrant ‘wave’ of feminism that until now has eluded the attention of historians. Before taking up the pen herself, Henrietta had a long and successful career in book publishing. She was chief editor of Chronicle of Britain and Ireland and the Reader’s Digest Illustrated Guide to Britain’s Coast. Her other books include Coastal Living, La Vie est Belle, Blue & White At Home and a National Trust guide to Cragside. A graduate in English from Durham University, she has become a campaigner on behalf of women engineers and the regeneration of local heritage in northeast England. Join Henrietta as she chats to Lucinda Hawksley, at 12pm on 5th May, on the Goldster Inside Story. To watch the original video recording, please click here 

8: Joanne Harris and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

We have a very special Goldster Book Club event to welcome in the new year. Lucinda Hawksley will be chatting online to Joanne Harris, the award-winning author of 19 novels, including Chocolat, Blackberry Wine and The Strawberry Thief. Her novels also include four psychological thrillers, including Gentlemen & Players and Different Class. Chocolat was turned into an Oscar-nominated movie, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.  Joanne was born to a French mother and an English father, and in addition to having written several novels set in France, she has also written books on French cookery, including – of course! – a book on cooking with chocolate. Her latest books include the enchanting "mosaic novel" Honeycomb and a non-fiction book, perfect for all aspiring writers: Ten Things About Writing. She has also written novellas (including one about Doctor Who), short stories, screenplays, game scripts, libretti for two short operas, and a musical. Joanne is also a passionate advocate for authors’ rights, and is currently the Chair of the Society of Authors (SOA) and a member of the Board of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS).  Join Joanne Harris as she chats to Goldster Book Club Presenter and fellow author Lucinda Hawksley. To watch the video of this podcast, then please click here

6: Damian Le Bas and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Damian Le Bas was brought up by Romany Traveller parents, who had lived a life of hardship and adventure on the road. Because his family had largely settled down by the time he was born, Damian always felt that he had missed out on a vital part of his culture. While he was working as a journalist defending Romany people and other Travellers, he realised that few people really saw ‘Gypsies’ as belonging on the cultural and geographical maps of Britain. So he decided to spend a year living in a Ford Transit van, staying in places with an historical attachment to Britain's nomadic peoples – the stopping places – and writing about his experiences alongside the history of ethnic Travellers and snippets of his own family story. The result was his first book, The Stopping Places: a Journey Through Gypsy Britain. It mixes aspects of travel writing, memoir, folk history and nature writing and, in addition to winning several awards, was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week. Damian Le Bas is a former editor of Travellers’ Times magazine. In 2019 he presented the documentary A Very British History: Romany Gypsies on BBC4 and has been a consultant on various TV programmes, mostly translating into the Romani language. When he is not writing Damian is a keen hill walker, scuba diver, outdoor swimmer and sitter in coffee shops. His next book is due to be published by Chatto & Windus in 2023. To watch the recording of this episode please click here

4: Elly Griffiths and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Elly Griffiths wrote four novels under her own name (Domenica de Rosa) before turning to crime with The Crossing Places. This was her first novel featuring forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway – since then her name has entered into the elite of fictional detectives, with The Times commenting “Galloway now seems as real as Marple and Morse’. The Crossing Places won the Mary Higgins Clark award and several novels in the series have been shortlisted for the Theakstons Crime Novel of the Year. The 14th novel in the series, The Locked Room, was published in February 2022 and Elly is currently writing the 15th book. Elly also writes the Brighton Mysteries, a series set in the theatrical world of the 1950s and 1960s. The 6th book, The Midnight Hour came out in 2021 and the 7th is waiting in the wings, to be published soon. In 2020, Elly wrote what was described as a “standalone” mystery, The Stranger Diaries. It won the Edgar award for Best Crime Novel – and her detective, Harbinder Kaur, was so popular, that it became another series. The third book, Bleeding Heart Yard, is being published on 29 September.   In 2016 Elly was awarded the CWA Dagger in the Library for her body of work – and she prolifically keeps producing new novels every year. Elly was one of our first Inside Story authors on Goldster and we are thrilled to invite her back on the eve of Agatha Christie’s birthday, to talk about her writing career and what it was like to be chosen as one of the special few authors asked to write a brand new Miss Marple story. To watch the filming of the recording, please click here

2: Adele Parks and Lucinda Hawksley – The Goldster Inside Story Podcast The Goldster Inside Story Podcast

Join Lucinda Hawksley as she chats with Adele Parks about her amazing writing career. Adele Parks MBE was born in North Yorkshire and has become one of Britain’s best-loved novelists. She is the author of 22 bestselling novels, including the Sunday Times and eBook Number One bestseller, Both Of You.  Over four and a half million UK editions of Adele’s work have been sold, and her books have been translated into 31 different languages. Her recent Sunday Times Number One bestsellers, Lies Lies Lies and Just My Luck were shortlisted for the British Book Awards and have been optioned for development for TV.  Adele is an ambassador of the National Literacy Trust and the Reading Agency: two charities that promote literacy in the UK. She has lived in Botswana, in Italy and in London and is now settled in Guildford, Surrey. In 2022 she was awarded an MBE for services to literature. To watch the filming of the recording, please click here