School and Library Visits

I write for both adults and children about art history, biography, London, travel and Victorian life.


I make visits to both primary and secondary schools to give talks about Charles Dickens, the Victorian period, the history of London and art history. I also do visiting author sessions where the children can ask me questions about what it’s like to be a writer, how they can start writing and about the process of publishing a book. Children also love to ask about what it’s like to be related to Charles Dickens and to talk about what life was like when he was alive.

For primary-age children, I give lively talks about Dickens, the Victorians and the basics of art history and the history of London. The talks help children to understand and appreciate the relevance of writing in their own lives. I also give talks about how the children can start researching their own family history, with relevance to the periods of history they are currently studying.

For secondary-age pupils, I give more detailed and interactive talks about Dickens’s life and works, the Victorians, history of art, the Pre-Raphaelites and the history of London. I also give talks on how they can start writing their own autobiography, what it’s like to be a professional writer, the most effective and fun ways to start researching a project and how to get published.

In addition, I run creative-writing workshops for all ages, encouraging even reluctant readers to think about writing in a new and more positive way. My talks can be given to large groups, but the workshops are for smaller groups of pupils.


I give talks and hold workshops at libraries and other research centres, for both adults and children. In addition to speaking about my books, I give talks that focus on how to begin researching family history or how to make a start with writing biography and autobiography.

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