Goldster Conversations: Book Of The Month, Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

Date: 29 December 2023
Time: 12 Noon UK Time
Location: Online
Hercule Poirot's Christmas book cover

This month we’re getting seasonal with the Queen of Crime. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas was written just before WW2, and tells the story of the tyrannical Simeon Lee, who has decided to gather his family around him for Christmas…. As Poirot himself comments in the book “There is at Christmas time a great deal of hypocrisy, honourable hypocrisy, hypocrisy undertaken pour le bon motif, c’est entendu, but nevertheless hypocrisy!”

At 12pm on 29 December – when Christmas Day is over and we’re heading to New Year – join Lucinda Hawksley to chat about a festive season Agatha Christie style. We’ll look at the characters, the plot, the storyline, and hope that no one at Goldster suffered the same kind of Christmas as the Lee family.

Our Book of the Month events are open to everyone, whether you’ve had the chance to read the book or not. These events are not recorded, everyone is unmuted and everyone gets the chance to meet other Goldster members as part of the Book Club.