The Goldster Magazine Show: Lucinda Chats to Sara Barnes

Date: 26 March 2024
Time: 1:00pm UK Time
Location: Online
The Winter of Our Lives book cover

Sara Barnes, who is 62, believes daily cold water immersion has unlocked her creative and romantic spirit. Her first two published books, The Cold Fix (Nov 2022) and The Winter of Our Lives (Nov 2023) are testament to that power. The Cold Fix is Sara’s deeply intimate story of overcoming physical and emotional pain following major leg surgery. Not about how to or where to go cold water swimming, but a touchy feely dive into the inner world of those who have made it a non-negotiable part of their lives.

The Winter of Our Lives is a mediative and uplifting novel set in the Lake District. The premise is: ‘Take three menopausal wild swimmers who need to find a man. Not any old man, but one who is prepared to dip his bits in very cold water’. Set against the stunning landscape of the Lake District, The Winter of Our Lives is a gritty, relatable love story for people who don’t want to give up on romance, passion or life as they grow older.   

On her Instagram account @bumblebarnes she inspires people to be their own change, to age well and to find a passion that comforts you when things get too much. For her that is daily cold water immersion and writing. Join Sara as she chats to Lucinda Hawksley on 26 March.